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State Restaurant

935 W. Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614






Our Atmosphere

We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the big game!  For our guests at STATE, we make sure you will not miss any of the heart pounding action, as we have every area covered with an incredible amount of state-of-the-art flat panel television displays (with 180 degree viewing angles).  How many you ask?  124 to be exact!  And yes, we’ve checked…it’s the most anywhere in Chicago (and that includes your local Best Buy….we checked that too)!  We specifically designed the floor plan so that every single seat in the house gets a view of at least 4 televisions, hardly ever having to turn your head!

It is not only the amount of views and games you have right in front of you, but the actual game day experience.  We call it “The Program”.  Truly unique only to STATE, during major sporting events we have the capabilities of duplicating stadium-like sounds and effects to enhance everyone’s visit! 

In today’s world, we need to keep you live and streaming.  While you enjoy the aforementioned atmosphere, we added the little “extras” so you can be sure to stay connected at all times.  Our big and spacious booths have both direct internet plugs to jack in AND full 110v power outlets so you are always with a full battery.  Don’t want to lug your laptop with you?  We got you covered there too.  We house numerous secure computer terminals for you to use, directly connected with blazing fast speeds.

And lastly, our newest edition, and the first to be brought to Chicago…  Our very own Live Sportsbook Game Line Board.  With a direct “live” feed to the gaming floor at the MGM SportsBook at the MGM Grand Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, you are getting up to date game lines every 8 seconds!

Join us and come see why Yahoo! Sports, the Huffington Post and ESPN Magazine ranked us the 4th best sports viewing establishment in the entire United States!

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